@AdamWTyma | Adam W. Tyma is an Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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Hello there! Currently, I am an Associate Professor in the School of Communication at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I teach courses that focus on media theory and culture, film criticism, communication pedagogy, media literacy, visual culture, critical and cultural theory, computer-mediated communication, media consumption, and popular culture. I have published on all of these ideas … and beer. You can find my work in the International Journal of Communication, Journal of Communication Inquiry, and Communication Teacher, amongst others. In addition to publishing, I also had the opportunity to developed and now supervise the Media Literacy Education Project (MLEP), a service-learning program that creates curriculum for after-school programs at the 5th to 8th grade level.

Why study popular culture? I would ask “why not?” It is the discourse that we construct in our day-to-day lives. Every tweet, post, like that we put out there. Every movie and TV show and band that we consume. All of these make us who we are. Equally as important – all of this becomes the currency that we use to communicate through and exchange to develop our social and personal bonds. Simply put, we are as much consumers of popular culture as we are created by it.

Outside of teaching and research, I am a homebrewer, old-timey RPG (pencil and dice) player, live music freak, horror and sci-fi movie and TV series fan, starting powerlifter, fledgling sailor (really – like on a boat with sails) and Ren Fest playtron. I have been engaging his own popular culture and fandom for a long, long time. I blame my father.

Yeah … I’m that guy.

Interested in some of my work that’s not on this site yet? Cool! You can find some of it here.