@ComDoc_H | Andrew Herrmann is an Assistant Professor at East Tennessee State University.

@ComDoc_H |

Andrew Herrmann

I am an Associate Professor of Organizational Communication at East Tennessee State University. My research focuses on personal identity, narrative, and power in organizational, occupational, interpersonal, and cultural contexts. I use qualitative methods, including ethnography, in-depth interviewing, narrative, and discourse analysis. I also engage in media studies and pop culture studies. It seems to have been a natural development given my interests as a youth.

As a kid, we had one of the first computers in our neighborhood. I was an early adopter: Commodore-64, TRS-80, Macintosh SE, Compuserve, AOL, Yahoo!, BBSes, discussion boards, chat rooms, etc. My geekiness extended to music and to comics. I collect records and have an extensive record collection, mostly of old punk and early post-punk stuff, from the Sex Pistols to The Police to The Cure. I still have my 12” remixes, or double 10” albums, coloured vinyl, and picture discs. And yes, I still have a working turntable.

I am a huge Marvel comic book fan, from Spiderman to Captain America. Within the Marvel universe, however, I am – and always have been – infatuated with Doctor Strange, the one and only Sorcerer Supreme. I’ve always been interested in the mystical and the magical, and Steven Strange brought that new weirdness into Marvel.

Before becoming Professor Herrmann, I worked in publishing, graphic design, and the information technology industry. All of this background – the tech, the collecting, the comics – led me to study popular culture. Popular culture is all around us. We are inundated by it constantly. It is part of our surround. Popular culture is popular, and as such has a influence on larger cultural narratives and discourses. And wherever there is influence, there is power, and wherever there is power, there is a place for interrogation of that power. And that is where you will find me.