@DrArtHerbig | Art Herbig is a wannabe Jedi who settled for Doctor (sans TARDIS).

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I am a wannabe Jedi who settled for Doctor (sans TARDIS). My current powers include critical rhetoric, documentary production, and ethnography. I use those skills to study issues of memory, identity, gender, class, and power.

I have directed two films, co-edited two books, and authored numerous articles and chapters. I worked on a film with Alix entitled Never Forget: Public Memory & 9/11 that screened in venues from Las Vegas to Paris and won awards both regional and national. The film blends his academic interests with storytelling for the big screen. As an author, I have examined the humanity of Xander Harris, Murphy Brown’s role in the 1988 presidential election, and the worlds of Sam and Dean Winchester. My written work focuses on the role that popular culture plays in contemporary public discourses.

Currently, I am working with popular culture from both behind the camera and on the page. My current film projects are a collaboration with the ProfsDoPop team to try to examine the communities that form in popular culture conventions. While my writing explores the rhetoric of modern media and storytelling in the polymediated age.

On top of my other work, I am on the editorial boards at The Journal of Popular Culture and Popular Culture Studies Journal. I also continue to binge watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer like every other popular culture scholar. Ultimately, all of my work is in service of better public discourse and judging by the 2016 presidential election, we need it.