Iron Fist: Nope.

The problem with the high expectations we have for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? You're bound to be let down.

The following was adapted from an online chat between several Profs Do Pop members:

Adam: My feelings on Iron Fist – meh.

Andrew: Binged it. Love the Meachums. Love them. Love Claire. Worst thing about Iron Fist is Iron Fist.

Adam: Claire rocks. Madame Gao rules. Meachums were fine? Danny Rand was so thinly written that his beard looked more full than he was. They had such an opportunity here and they blew it. The production value was also not nearly as solid, telling me the smashed this out quick to prep the Defenders.

Joan: Iron fist is basically cultural appropriation man is he not?

Andrew: Yep. Madam Gao is one brilliant little package of bad-assery!

Adam: To Joan’s point, Iron Fist came out in the 70’s originally, so it was basically Kung Fu for Marvel. LOTS of appropriation, which was totally cool in the 70s … right? (insert snark here).
I am a bit of a purist, so I am glad that they did not change the character … but dear lord, was the writing terrible.

Andrew: Indeed. I did like Ward. I thought he was a really great character. I won’t get into it for spoilers sake. What it was – was predictable. And that’s never good.

Adam: Yeah … it was the most formulaic of the Defenders. I hope they get him over his family issues by Defenders … or just let him frown and punch things.

Andrew: No shit. At points I felt like I was watching Arrow. Dude! Move on!

Adam: Yep … to be honest, he was the Marvel answer to Green Arrow. One likes weapons, one likes the sulk and punch.

Andrew: They are both broody mofos.

Adam: Yep.

Andrew: I didn’t hate it, but after Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, & Luke Cage, I had extremely high expectations.

Adam: Agreed.

Joan: I haven’t actually seen it but honestly, I’m not that interested. I haven’t seen daredevil either. #sorrynotsorry but I’m bored with straight white male protagonists tbh.

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