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Let’s Begin!

Art and Alix are in San Diego for Comic-Con International to kick off this research project.

My name is Art Herbig (Art to just about everybody, but Dr. Herbig to those who cross me). Alix Watson and I have arrived in San Diego for the Super Bowl of Comic-Cons (so sayth Alix). (Alix edit: I think I said Super Bowl for nerds – but that works too). This will be the first stop of many on our journey, but we have to start somewhere. During this visit, we intend to talk with fans, merchants, planners, and others connected to the convention.

The goal is simple. We would like to begin to understand popular culture communities. These communities take many forms and shapes. There are also both ups and downs to their construction. We will be looking at all aspects and trying to understand the ins and outs. Thank you for following us on our journey. We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with posts like this and videos of our escapades!


Alix here for a post-script: WHOOO!! COMIC-CON!! Who’s ready for information overload, sore feet, and being immersed in this fan experience? (points thumbs): This nerd. 

Read more on who we are and what we do. 

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