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SDCC Day 3: Panels, Panels, and Panels

One of the bits of advice every veteran of SDCC gives you when you tell them this is your first time attending is: if you want to go to a popular panel, get in line early, way early. Today Alix and I were lured in by an Orphan Black panel. Knowing we were not the only fervent fans of Orphan Black, we made the trek to room 6bcf at noon – well ahead of the 4:30 panel.

We arrived during the panel for the video game Resident Evil and walked right in. It is apparently the 20th anniversary of the franchise and we were regaled with stories about how the game began and how it has evolved over time.  For us, this was interesting but not necessarily our fandom. However, the end of the panel allowed us to move from the back of the hall to about 15 rows from the stage. We were now in prime spots. (Alix here: Art paid MUCH more attention to this panel than I did. I think many people in the room were there, like us, in advance of the panels they were actually interested in – as evidenced by the lack of hands when the panelists asked how many people had played a particular game).

Following Resident Evil, we were introduced to a comic book line created by William Shatner called Shatner Singularity Universe (complete with a surprise appearance from Stan Lee, but without Shatner himself) and pilots for People of Earth and Powerless (which we thoroughly enjoyed). As you can probably already tell, the key to all of this is that they do not clear the hall after every panel. You can hold a spot all day. You can even retrieve a pass to go to the bathroom and return, by-passing any line that may have accumulated.

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Now, let me just say that I was also intrigued by the panel for Stars’ upcoming series American Gods which was scheduled before Orphan Black, so got there early for that as well. (Alix here: I was almost just as excited for the American Gods panel as I was for the Orphan Black panel. I’m a HUGE Neil Gaiman fan and I loved reading the book American Gods. I was THRILLED that these two panels were back-to-back in the same room). 

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All of this description of our day is to say one simple thing: today was about committing to our particular fandom and in so doing we were exposed to all kinds of different things. Now, if you were in the vaunted Hall H today, you received an exploration of the mega-popular: Game of Thrones, Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead, and then Joss Whedon. Outside of Hall H, the room seems to change fandoms and conversations. For that reason, I was exposed to a treasure trove of new ideas, stories, and fandoms. For that reason, I am glad I sat down and eagerly awaited the Orphan Black crew.

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