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The Theme of Preview Night: Swag & Merch

Would you stand in a chaotic, unruly line for an indeterminate length of time to get Comic-Con exclusive merch & swag?

It’s Art again and I have returned from an interesting first night at SDCC with Alix. We attended some pilot screenings, gazed across the water at people filing into the screening of a film, walked the convention hall, and took plenty of pictures.

Tonight our goal was to soak it all in, but what kept sticking out to us were the lines. Lines at the booths. Then, lines along the walls that get you eligible for the lines at the booths.

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What could be so wait-worthy? Swag and convention only merch. SDCC is filled with San Diego Comic-Con exclusivestuff and access to it requires getting in line. You could even watch as future eBay and independent store profiteers wheel suitcases around to get the good stuff. For this reason, tonight felt less like fandom and more like a flea market. Even the pilot previews felt like a sales pitch.

We are looking forward to panels and fan congregations as we move into tomorrow. For now, we have a video of the massive merchandise floor and a sense of how truly packed it was. Until tomorrow!

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